Old Saybrook RTC Welcomes New Leadership

On Tuesday, March 13 the Old Saybrook Republican Town Committee elected its new slate of officers for the next two years. Re-elected to two year terms were Secretary Joan Broadhurst and Treasurer Marc Delmonico. These two are truly the backbone of the Executive Board and we are deeply appreciative of their willingness to serve the party another two years. With the resignation of John J. Torrenti, Mark Caldarella was unanimously elected Chairman. Mark has served the party well as Vice Chairman for many months and is ready for the new challenges ahead. Mark is Vice Chairman of the Zoning Commission and he and his wife Kate can be seen all over town volunteering. Mark is passionate about Republican politics and electing Republicans. Good luck Mark.

Filling the role as Vice Chairman of the party is Barbara Thompson Labriola. Barbara is currently the Town Clerk in Wallingford, CT and has been for 11 years. Her husband, Jerry, is a former State Party Chairman. Barbara has been very active in Republican politics, serving in nearly every role possible, all in the name of electing more Republicans. She has been former Secretary, Wallingford RTC for 4 years, former Vice Chair Wallingford RTC for 4 years, former Chairman Wallingford RTC for 7 years, former Chairman, Connecticut Real Estate Commission for 7 years, former Registrar of Voters for 2 years, current President of the New Haven County Town Clerks’ Association, current Executive Board Member of the Legislative Committee of the Town Clerks’ Association and, lastly, a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention. Phew!

Welcome Mark and Barbara! We look forward to your excellent leadership.


With a new Chairman comes the resignation of John J. Torrenti, who was briefly honored at the recent Lincoln Day Dinner at Saybrook Point Inn. John has been Chairman for the last six years and had been Chairman of the party for another period of time under the Pace administration. State Representative Devin Carney, former State Representative Marilyn Giuliano and current First Selectman Carl P. Fortuna, Jr. all spoke to honor John and his excellent leadership and abiding passion for Republican politics, local, state and national. John mentored so many and never minced words. A collection has been undertaken to honor John with a bench that will be dedicated to his community service, a bench that will last a generation. Just like John.

Thank you John Torrenti and we look forward to your continued participation in all things Republican.

Posted 3/21/18 by Michael C.

Old Saybrook First Selectman Proposes Lower Taxes


In a budget submitted to the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday,
February 13, 2018, First Selectman Carl P. Fortuna, Jr. proposed a
budget that will lower the town’s mill rate and reduce taxes on real
property and vehicles for most residents.

The town’s mill rate has not been lowered in a non-revaluation
year since 1993. The proposed budget, in conjunction with some
growth in the town’s grand list, may reduce the mill rate from
19.66 to 19.59. Fortuna noted, “This budget represents a
culmination of pro-active and prudent management decisions
executed during the course of my administration. There are no
gimmicks in this budget. We are fully funding our department
needs without growing government. In fact, we have reduced
personnel hours in Town Hall and become more effective and
efficient by instituting best practices when hiring new personnel
and implementing new technology.Given the financial chaos at the
State, our team in Town Hall has striven to deliver better service
and results for every dollar collected.”

Overall, the general government budget proposal spends
$16,399,397.20, about $35,000 more than last year. Along with a
decline in debt service and a proposed Board of Education budget
well under 1%, the Town projects a decline in the mill rate when
factoring in projected revenues. “Getting to this point of no
increase in taxes has been six budget cycles in the making. By re-
engineering the way the Town conducts business, we have saved
money over the long term, and we hope to carry this momentum
forward to future budgets,” Fortuna said.


~ Posted by Michael C. 3/05/18



Annual Town Meeting — November 27th

Annual Town Meeting

Monday, November 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Old Saybrook Middle School – Auditorium

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Town Meeting of the electors and citizens qualified to vote at town meetings of the Town of Old Saybrook will be held at the Old Saybrook Middle School Auditorium, 60 Sheffield Street, Old Saybrook, Connecticut on November 27, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. for the following purposes:


  • To act upon the recommendation of the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen to liquidate, or transfer like securities, from the town’s Retiree Health Care Fund of which the exact proceeds will be determined on the date of the transaction, and to transfer the proceeds as follows:
  • $1,000,000 to the town’s defined benefit pension plan
  • the remaining proceeds, approximately $219,428.66 as of October 31, 2017, will be transferred into the town’s Post Employment Payout account.
  • To act upon the recommendation of the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Commission to accept as a gift those premises situated at Coulter Street, Old Saybrook, Connecticut and further described as being located at map 049/block 006-0001, book 160, page 185. Said property is an undeveloped parcel of land consisting of approximately 9 acres of~primarily tidal wetlands.~ As part of the conveyance, the Town will abate current taxes prorated from the date of closing (current year tax bill is $813.92). The property is owned by Joan Van Epps.
  • To receive and act upon The Reports of The Town Officials As Printed in The Annual Town Report For The Fiscal Year July 1, 2016 to  June 30, 2017. 

                                                Carl P. Fortuna, Jr.

                                                First Selectman


                                                Scott M. Giegerich



                                                Carol Conklin



Dated at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, this 15th day of November, 2017.

ATTEST: Sarah V. Becker, Town Clerk  

~ Posted by Michael C. 11/19/2017

2017 Election Results

Congratulations to First Selectman, Carl Fortuna, on re-election to another 2-year term! Thank you to everyone who came out and voted!

Check out the Harbor News article for the published results by clicking on the link below:

Link: Harbor News Election Results

We would like to thank ALL of the candidates from both parties for taking the initiative to run and for their willingness to serve the people of Old Saybrook.

Congratulations to all of the winning candidates, we look forward to working alongside you and continuing to make Old Saybrook such a wonderful place to live!

~ Posted by Michael C. 11/08/2017






Democrat Mailers, DEBUNKED!

The Democrat Candidates for 2017 are continuing to campaign on inaccurate information! Even though we keep pointing it out, they haven’t made any apologies for the misinformation, they haven’t retracted the misinformation, and they continue to campaign on the misinformation! This begs the question, do they have nothing else to campaign on besides false and misrepresented facts about Old Saybrook?

Check out our image below where we AGAIN debunk the false and misleading campaign points being peddled by the Democrats.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the polls TOMORROW to vote for the team that has brought, and will continue to bring, great things to our town! No false facts needed on our side!

~ Posted 11/06/17 by Michael C.



Election Update — Fact checking the campaigns

One week before election day. Fortuna, Giegerich, Fish 2017 and the rest of the team have stayed positive. Unfortunately that cannot be said for the other side. For the first time that I can remember, our opposition has gone negative with misleading and inaccurate information (which has been all but acknowledged by the Dem candidate for First Selectman, who doesn’t know the mill rate) and the new Dem candidate for Board of Finance (who doesn’t understand revaluation or how mill rates affect taxes).

Many of you this week will receive 2 mailers from the Old Saybrook Democrats. The first will purposefully misrepresent Old Saybrook’s spending on our police department compared to other towns.
The second is a mill rate chart which gives an example of a home valued at $300,000 that paid $4000 in taxes in 2011 and now pays $5800! Wrong, and let me give you a very specific example.

Let’s take a nice home on Meadowood that has been valued anywhere from $320,000 to $420,000 over the last six years. In 2012-13, that couple paid $4679 in real estate taxes. This year, that couple is paying $5034 in taxes, $350 more in six years. Not too bad. Now there is a caveat: mill rates can affect different homes differently. A house on the water may pay more after a revaluation than a home away from the water. But that is apparently too complicated and does not fit the negativity playbook.

The graphs below may look familiar if you’ve seen any of the campaign material being circulated by the democratic candidates and their propaganda team, however, we’ve edited these graphs with the facts and context needed to make sense of the data.

Police Spending:


Here’s a more “apples to apples” chart. Since many police departments don’t include health benefits or E911 operations in their budget, this chart shows 3 categories of spending:

General Government (where gasoline, E911 and health benefits may be found)

Public Safety


Old Saybrook falls right about where one would expect.


Mill Rate:






~ Posted 10/31/17 by Michael C.

Candidate Spotlight: Board of Education — Jan Furman, Tara Barros & Phil Broadhurst

What does the Board of Education do?

The Board of Education is the governing body of the Old Saybrook School District.  The nine member Board is elected at a regular municipal elections to oversee public education and serve staggered, unsalaried, four (4) year terms. Members of the Board are responsible for being informed about the schools and educational programs. The Board´s major duties include: to set policies concerning education, organization, and financial matters; to monitor and evaluate the administration of its policies; and to recommend annual operating and capital budgets to the Board of Finance. The health and vibrancy of the public school system in Old Saybrook is important not only to the students, parents, and educators, but to the property owners and business people of the town who rely on having a world class school system to attract business and new people to our town. A good education system is the foundation of our future.


Running for Board of Education are Jan Furman, Tara Barros, and Phil Broadhurst.

Jan Furman has spent her career in public education as a teacher, principal and superintendent.  Currently, she is a college professor working with aspiring school leaders:  principals, superintendents and supervisors.

Jan understands the importance effective school governance plays in good schools as well as the role of a board member to work collaboratively with their colleagues to see that the schools are well run.

Since coming to Old Saybrook fourteen years ago, Jan has been impressed with the high regard parents, students and graduates have for the Old Saybrook Public Schools.  Jan can be counted on to continue to work with the other members of the Board and the School Superintendent to provide high quality educational services to the citizens of Old Saybrook.

Tara Barros is a lifelong resident of the shoreline, growing up in Centerbrook, and graduating from Valley Regional High School. Tara attended the University of New Haven studying Aviation. Tara and her husband Todd moved to Old Saybrook 11 years ago and have two boys, Nicholas (15) and Alexander (12) who attend the high school and middle school.  Tara is a Finance executive with Verizon. During her 22-year tenure with the company, Tara spent over 11 years in Finance supporting pricing and contract management for some of the largest Verizon Enterprise customers, managing profitability and commercial terms. In addition to her professional work, Tara has been a member of the Middle School PTO and Parent Council for the past 5 years.  Tara is a licensed Pilot, and in her free time enjoys reading, skiing, and snowmobiling with her family. Tara is excited to be running for a position on the Board of Education, hoping to help shape the future of our wonderful school system.

Phil Broadhurst is running for reelection to the Board of Education. A resident of Old Saybrook since 2006 and graduate of Fairfield University, Phil is also a Veteran of U.S. Army (1969-71).  Phil worked for 10 years as an insurance adjuster, then for 31 years as a high school mathematics teacher, also serving for the last 10 years as an assistant principal before retiring in 2011.  Phil coached high school baseball and spent 10 years as a varsity soccer coach.  Phil has volunteered for thirty years in youth baseball and has been a member of the United States Power Squadrons for over 50 years, teaching most of their boating education courses.  Phil firmly believes in understanding the culture, climate and expectations of a community and in providing the youth of the community the opportunities to explore their interests and develop into productive, successful members of the community. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and measured perspective to the Board of Education.

~ Posted 10/31/17 by Michael C.

Candidate Spotlight: Police Commission — Charles Gadon, Frank Keeney, Joseph Maselli & Kenneth Reid

n Old Saybrook The Board of Police Commissioners consists of seven (7) members, each of whom serve for a term of four (4) years, four (4) of whom are elected at a regular biennial municipal election and three (3) of whom are elected at the following regular biennial municipal election.

The Police Commission is responsible for the general management and supervision of the police department. They also are in charge of making all needful regulations in regards to the management and supervision of the police department.  They may prescribe penalties for the violation of any such regulation, including suspension or removal from office of any officer or member of the police department. Additionally they have the sole power of appointment, promotion, and removal of the officers under the regulations as it adopts.

Having a strong and well-organized Police force is key to the safety and prosperity of our citizens and our town. Although we have a small town community, where it seems everyone knows everyone, we are also in the unique position of being on the I95 Corridor, one of the most highly traveled roads in America. Add to that the swelling of our population in the summer with an influx of vacationers and summer residents, and you have a unique mix of challenges that our Police department faces.

The Old Saybrook Republican party is lucky to have a four candidates running for Police Commission this year. They all bring valuable and diverse experience to the position, which will ensure the steady management of our Police Department for years to come.

Charles Gadon has lived in Old Saybrook for 25 years.  He is a degreed engineer and has been trained to work the problem and solve it. Charles possesses a solid foundation of first-hand administrative, operational management and regulatory compliance expertise.  He has successfully led organizations through cultural change, engaging multiple levels of management with a strong sense of the many dynamics of organizational behavior. Like all of our candidates, Charles is an advocate for giving back to our community. His experience with budget oversight, staffing, and operational excellence will be an asset to the Police Commission.

Frank Keeney grew up in Somers, CT and spent every summer at his family house in Old Saybrook. He and his wife, Beverly, moved Old Saybrook full time eight years ago. They have been married for thirty-five years and have two daughters. Frank attended Suffield Academy and Ithaca College before beginning his career in the apparel industry. Frank worked for over forty years in senior sales and marketing positions with some of the best-known names in men’s apparel…Izod, Lacoste, Haggar, Arrow and Gildan. He retired in 2016.

Frank is in his fourth term as a burgess for the Borough of Fenwick and serves as the president of the Fenwick Park Commission, which is charged with overseeing all public lands in Fenwick, including the Fenwick Golf Course. He has also been a member of Fenwick’s Harbor Management Commission. He is a member in good standing of the Westbrook Elks and the Niantic Sportsman’s Club. Throughout Frank’s business career he has demonstrated a very strong work ethic and the ability to build inclusive working relationships. Frank is committed to protecting our town as a great place to be, whether that means raising a family or managing a business.

Joseph Maselli is currently a commissioner on the Police Commission. Joe Maselli moved to Old Saybrook 15 years ago after his first child was born, having selected this community to raise his family.  Joe taught physics for 18 years and is now is his eighth year as the principal of a nationally recognized public high school.   As a father of four, he has been proud to give back to his community by serving as a member of the police commission for the last four years.  Joe has been an outspoken advocate of the School Resource Officer program. He has enjoyed being part of the commission and has played a key role in addressing key issues. Joe has the experience and understands the role of commissioner and how public boards operate.

Kenneth Reid is a life long resident of Old Saybrook. Ken has served the public for  30+ years in law enforcement. Over his more than 3 decades of service, Ken has been the Chief of Police for the town of Chester, worked  as the Director of the Public Safety Department and was also responsible for Westerly RI Hospital Public Safety Department. Ken has an extensive background with training, budgets, department policies and operation responsibility for 40 officers between both locations. Ken has lived in the town of Old Saybrook his entire life. He is a Trustee for the Old Saybrook Historical Society and a member of the Elks Club. He is also a past member of the Old Saybrook  Fire Department and one of the founding members of the Old Saybrook Fife & Drum Corp that was organized in 1971 and thus helped with starting the Old Saybrook Christmas Torch light parade in 1971. Ken’s two sons, Ken and Chris Reid, organize and chair the torch light parade along with his father, Bill Reid, who has  since 1971. Now retired, Ken feels a deep desire to donate his time to serving his fellow residents of Old Saybrook.


~ Posted 10/26/17 by Michael C.

Candidate Spotlight: Board of Finance — Breckinridge Lindley, Carol Rzasa, David Lamay & Paul Carver

The Board of Finance consists of seven (7) members, each of whom serves a term of four (4) years. The terms of the members are staggered so that three (3) members are elected at a regular biennial municipal election and four (4) members are elected at the following regular biennial municipal election. Connecticut General Statutes (state law) make the Board of Finance responsible for control and oversight of town finances, specifically:

  • Preparing the Town Budget.
  • Setting the property tax rate.
  • Approving special appropriations and transfer between appropriations.
  • Determining the method and extent of financial record keeping.
  • Arranging for the annual audit of the Town accounts.
  • Publishing the annual Town Report.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to make an annual budget recommendation to the legislative body.  To do this, the Board receives budget estimates of income and expenses from the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Education, compiles a balanced budget and presents it to the legislative body at a town meeting.

In addition, the Board is responsible for the Town’s accounting system, preparing the annual town report, and providing the annual financial audit.

This year we are very lucky to have four very qualified candidates representing the Republican party to support our town!

Breckinridge Lindley is a current member of the Board of Finance, and brings a well-rounded background to her role as a Board Member. Breck graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and then attended an intensive summer finance program at the University of Southern California before embarking on a career in finance. She worked as an Analyst in Investment Banking, a Junior Analyst in Equity Research as well as a credit analyst for a boutique Investment Banking Firm.  For the past 9 years she has been a stay at home mom and an active volunteer in the community – Board of Finance, PTA, and Coaching Youth Sports.


Carol Rzasa is the second of our four candidates and is also currently a member of the Board of Finance. Carol has served on the Old Saybrook Board of Finance since March 2016.  Prior to moving to Old Saybrook in 2012, she was an Employee Benefit Consultant for 25 years.  In that capacity she consulted for large group employers managing the design and pricing of employee benefit plans.  She specialized in budgeting for clients with benefit plans running in excess of 45 million dollars per year.  She retired as a Vice President of Consulting Services for a major national banking firm.  As a result of her background and in conjunction with her role on the Board of Finance she assisted in the successful renewal process for the Benefit Package for the Town of Old Saybrook.


David Lamay is the current Chairman of the Board of Finance. David has been chairman since 2012 and a board member since 2005. David grew up in Old Saybrook and is current a member and assistant Treasurer of the Old Saybrook Fire Company.  David’s education background is in Finance and he has his MBA from UConn.  He has worked as a financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner. His experience both on the Board and off is a benefit to the town.


Paul Carver was born and raised in New Britain where he was elected to five terms on the City Council and two terms to the Board of Education. He also served as President of the Library Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Paul and his late wife, Lisa, moved to Old Saybrook four years ago. They raised two children, Alex a CPA with PWC and Tory an actuary with Milliman, Inc. In Old Saybrook Paul is a member of the Republican Town Committee and the Inland Wetlands Commission. He has been employed by the State of CT as a public utility regulator for almost twenty years.


~ Posted 10/24/17 by Michael C.