Old Saybrook First Selectman Proposes Lower Taxes


In a budget submitted to the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday,
February 13, 2018, First Selectman Carl P. Fortuna, Jr. proposed a
budget that will lower the town’s mill rate and reduce taxes on real
property and vehicles for most residents.

The town’s mill rate has not been lowered in a non-revaluation
year since 1993. The proposed budget, in conjunction with some
growth in the town’s grand list, may reduce the mill rate from
19.66 to 19.59. Fortuna noted, “This budget represents a
culmination of pro-active and prudent management decisions
executed during the course of my administration. There are no
gimmicks in this budget. We are fully funding our department
needs without growing government. In fact, we have reduced
personnel hours in Town Hall and become more effective and
efficient by instituting best practices when hiring new personnel
and implementing new technology.Given the financial chaos at the
State, our team in Town Hall has striven to deliver better service
and results for every dollar collected.”

Overall, the general government budget proposal spends
$16,399,397.20, about $35,000 more than last year. Along with a
decline in debt service and a proposed Board of Education budget
well under 1%, the Town projects a decline in the mill rate when
factoring in projected revenues. “Getting to this point of no
increase in taxes has been six budget cycles in the making. By re-
engineering the way the Town conducts business, we have saved
money over the long term, and we hope to carry this momentum
forward to future budgets,” Fortuna said.


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