Election Update — Fact checking the campaigns

One week before election day. Fortuna, Giegerich, Fish 2017 and the rest of the team have stayed positive. Unfortunately that cannot be said for the other side. For the first time that I can remember, our opposition has gone negative with misleading and inaccurate information (which has been all but acknowledged by the Dem candidate for First Selectman, who doesn’t know the mill rate) and the new Dem candidate for Board of Finance (who doesn’t understand revaluation or how mill rates affect taxes).

Many of you this week will receive 2 mailers from the Old Saybrook Democrats. The first will purposefully misrepresent Old Saybrook’s spending on our police department compared to other towns.
The second is a mill rate chart which gives an example of a home valued at $300,000 that paid $4000 in taxes in 2011 and now pays $5800! Wrong, and let me give you a very specific example.

Let’s take a nice home on Meadowood that has been valued anywhere from $320,000 to $420,000 over the last six years. In 2012-13, that couple paid $4679 in real estate taxes. This year, that couple is paying $5034 in taxes, $350 more in six years. Not too bad. Now there is a caveat: mill rates can affect different homes differently. A house on the water may pay more after a revaluation than a home away from the water. But that is apparently too complicated and does not fit the negativity playbook.

The graphs below may look familiar if you’ve seen any of the campaign material being circulated by the democratic candidates and their propaganda team, however, we’ve edited these graphs with the facts and context needed to make sense of the data.

Police Spending:


Here’s a more “apples to apples” chart. Since many police departments don’t include health benefits or E911 operations in their budget, this chart shows 3 categories of spending:

General Government (where gasoline, E911 and health benefits may be found)

Public Safety


Old Saybrook falls right about where one would expect.


Mill Rate:






~ Posted 10/31/17 by Michael C.

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