Candidate Spotlight: Board of Education — Jan Furman, Tara Barros & Phil Broadhurst

What does the Board of Education do?

The Board of Education is the governing body of the Old Saybrook School District.  The nine member Board is elected at a regular municipal elections to oversee public education and serve staggered, unsalaried, four (4) year terms. Members of the Board are responsible for being informed about the schools and educational programs. The Board´s major duties include: to set policies concerning education, organization, and financial matters; to monitor and evaluate the administration of its policies; and to recommend annual operating and capital budgets to the Board of Finance. The health and vibrancy of the public school system in Old Saybrook is important not only to the students, parents, and educators, but to the property owners and business people of the town who rely on having a world class school system to attract business and new people to our town. A good education system is the foundation of our future.


Running for Board of Education are Jan Furman, Tara Barros, and Phil Broadhurst.

Jan Furman has spent her career in public education as a teacher, principal and superintendent.  Currently, she is a college professor working with aspiring school leaders:  principals, superintendents and supervisors.

Jan understands the importance effective school governance plays in good schools as well as the role of a board member to work collaboratively with their colleagues to see that the schools are well run.

Since coming to Old Saybrook fourteen years ago, Jan has been impressed with the high regard parents, students and graduates have for the Old Saybrook Public Schools.  Jan can be counted on to continue to work with the other members of the Board and the School Superintendent to provide high quality educational services to the citizens of Old Saybrook.

Tara Barros is a lifelong resident of the shoreline, growing up in Centerbrook, and graduating from Valley Regional High School. Tara attended the University of New Haven studying Aviation. Tara and her husband Todd moved to Old Saybrook 11 years ago and have two boys, Nicholas (15) and Alexander (12) who attend the high school and middle school.  Tara is a Finance executive with Verizon. During her 22-year tenure with the company, Tara spent over 11 years in Finance supporting pricing and contract management for some of the largest Verizon Enterprise customers, managing profitability and commercial terms. In addition to her professional work, Tara has been a member of the Middle School PTO and Parent Council for the past 5 years.  Tara is a licensed Pilot, and in her free time enjoys reading, skiing, and snowmobiling with her family. Tara is excited to be running for a position on the Board of Education, hoping to help shape the future of our wonderful school system.

Phil Broadhurst is running for reelection to the Board of Education. A resident of Old Saybrook since 2006 and graduate of Fairfield University, Phil is also a Veteran of U.S. Army (1969-71).  Phil worked for 10 years as an insurance adjuster, then for 31 years as a high school mathematics teacher, also serving for the last 10 years as an assistant principal before retiring in 2011.  Phil coached high school baseball and spent 10 years as a varsity soccer coach.  Phil has volunteered for thirty years in youth baseball and has been a member of the United States Power Squadrons for over 50 years, teaching most of their boating education courses.  Phil firmly believes in understanding the culture, climate and expectations of a community and in providing the youth of the community the opportunities to explore their interests and develop into productive, successful members of the community. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and measured perspective to the Board of Education.

~ Posted 10/31/17 by Michael C.

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